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Jim Starlin, the creator of Thanos, says James Gunn's firing was 'one hell of a bad call'

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Jul 23, 2018, 4:17 PM EDT

Jim Starlin, the man who created Thanos (the main villain of the MCU's Avengers: Infinity War) is not content to simply let James Gunn vanish with a snap of someone's gauntleted fingers. 

Debate has been raging about the Guardians of the Galaxy director, who was fired by Disney/Marvel last week when some offensive, years-old tweets of his resurfaced. Gunn had apologized for the tweets years ago, but was fired abruptly by Disney when the crass jokes were recirculated in recent weeks. He has since apologized again

Many in the Marvel/MCU community have come to his defense — longtime Gunn mainstay actor Michael Rooker (Yondu in Guardians) dumped his Twitter, and Dave Bautista (Drax) has written two tweets defending him. Gunn's own brother, actor Sean Gunn (Kraglin, the on-set Rocket) penned a lengthy series of tweets as well. 

Today, Jim Starlin joined their ranks of Gunn defenders on his Facebook page. The man who created Thanos (as well as Gamora and Drax) wrote the following: 

"After giving it a couple days to think over this James Gunn/Disney controversy, I've come to the conclusion that the Mouse got played. Yes, Gunn's decade-old tweets were distasteful and stupid, but clearly meant to be foolishly provocative rather than taken as advocacy. The whole uproar over them was plainly ginned up by two Breitbart hatchet men, John Nolte and Mike Cernovich, in response to Rosanne Barr's firing for her repeated hate-filled and racist tweets. I have to agree with Dave Bautista on this one. Disney accepted a ridiculous apple and oranges argument and made one hell of a bad call."

Check out Starlin's original post here:

When last we looked, a petition to bring Gunn back into the fold was at least 212,000 signatures strong. We've also considered who might replace the Guardians mastermind if he doesn't manage to return from vanishing Infinity War style. 

This story is far from over, and we'll have more as it develops — in the meantime, the man behind Thanos, Gamora, and Drax has made his opinion pretty clear.