J.J. Abrams finally, really, honestly commits to directing Trek 2

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Dec 15, 2012

So you know how it's been more than two years since Star Trek came out, and whenever anyone asks about when a sequel will show up, people get nervous and shifty and say reassuring things that have no basis in fact? Well, J.J. Abrams might have just silenced all that noncommittal Hollywood babble by finally committing to direct Star Trek 2. No, really.

An anonymous source who seems to know what Abrams is up to said Tuesday that the flick is already in preproduction and that shooting will start sometime this winter. A script is also finally coming together, and should be done as soon as writer Alex Kurtzman (who co-wrote the first Trek with Roberto Orci) puts the finishing touches on Welcome to People for DreamWorks, his first film as a director.

Watching Abrams dance around the Star Trek franchise for the last three years has been a bit like watching an uncomfortable love affair on a sitcom. They had this fun little fling together in the spring of 2009, they kept flirting, but they refused to just sit down, talk it out and have a big, sloppy kiss for the pleasure of the studio audience.

Unless this report is totally bogus (this is Hollywood, so there's always a chance our hopes will be brutalized), it looks like Abrams is finally puckered up and ready to make out with Trek once again.

Everyone assumed this was coming all along (they just didn't know when), but it's nice to hear a little bit of real news on the project. Delays and lack of commitments were so bad at one point that Paramount Pictures decided to give G. I. Joe 2 the Trek sequel's original release date.

No word yet on what Star Trek 2 is about (Klingon tribunals? time-traveling whales? green alien strip clubs?) or when it will be released, but we're moving in the right direction.

(via Vulture)

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