J.J. Abrams and ABC want to reboot Alias

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

It looks like one J.J. Abrams spy series—NBC's Undercovers—might not be enough for him on TV this fall. Apparently, ABC is in talks with Abrams about rebooting his earlier TV spy venture, Alias, according to's Kristin Dos Santos.

The new series would have some elements of the original that propelled Jennifer Garner to stardom. However, they'd skip the intricate mythology involving the Rambaldi prophecy.

While the discussion is only in its very initial stages, according to Dos Santos's ABC insider source, they believe that ABC is looking to hold onto its Lost audience, especially now that that series ended and FlashForward was cancelled.

Spies are an especially hot genre right now. Beyond NBC's Chuck and USA's Burn Notice, there are two new series, NBC's Undercovers and the CW's Nikita.

Alias premiered on ABC in 2001 and ran for five years, averaging about 8 to 10 million viewers, except in its final year when it captured just under 7 million viewers.

Are you excited about the thought of rebooting Alias—or do you think Hollywood has run out of original ideas? Who would you like to see star in a new version?

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