Joann Sfar's vampire analysis novel Monsters' Shrink gets live-action TV series

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Jul 27, 2017

French comic book artist, writer, and director Joann Sfar will be making his first English-speaking live-action drama series, titled Monsters’ Shrink.

The show, ordered by Canal Plus (in France), will be an eight-part series based on Sfar’s own 2013 novel titled L’Eternel. The story follows a New York psychoanalyst named Rebecka who learns her hubby has been found dead in their villa in the South of France.

Sfar has directed The Prophet, The Rabbi’s Cat, and Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life, which nabbed him three Cesars (the French equivalent of the Oscars) in 2011. As for his comic books, he wrote Donjon, The Little Vampire, and The Rabbi’s Cat, which became an animated film (directed by Sfar and Antoine Delesvaux) that landed the Cesar for Best Animated Film.

Check out the rest of the synopsis for Monsters’ Shrink:

"Determined to discover the real story of his demise, Rebecka heads to Antibes and is confronted graveside by Ionas, a vicious and intellectual Eastern European Vampire — who is also a surprisingly good handyman — and is desperate to change. Ionas convinces the wary and scared Rebecka to give him therapy sessions, after she realizes he might be connected to her husband’s death. In order to access their knowledge and information, Rebecka agrees not just to analyze Ionas but to become a shrink for all monsters, discovering an entire underworld hidden in the dirty streets, shops, and houses of France."

Production on Monsters’ Shrink will kick off in early 2018, with Happy Valley's RED Production Company producing for Canal Plus, and Jemma Rodgers and Nicola Shindler executive-producing.

I have to say, I totally dig the idea of a series following a New York therapist as she becomes the go-to shrink to a variety of monsters. Should be a lot of fun, and hopefully someone (Netflix?) will pick up distributing rights here in North America sooner rather than later.

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(via Deadline)

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