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Elysium: Secretary Delacourt (Jodie Foster)Well into the development of Neil Blomkamp’s latest sci-fi film, the main antagonist Secretary Delacourt was originally conceived as a man. At least until Blomkamp woke up one day and thought Foster would be perfect to play the director of the richie-rich space station Elysium. We’ll find out soon if he made the right call when this one opens in a few weeks.

Jodie Foster weighs in on superhero films, slams studios for making “bad content” for broad appeal

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Jan 1, 2018, 5:59 PM EST (Updated)

Jodie Foster has never been one to mince words, and today she has some harsh ones for the state of Hollywood blockbusters. The famed actress and director (currently represented by an episode of Black Mirror) is taking a firm stance against "bad content."

“Going to the movies has become like a theme park," she said in an interview with Radio Times magazine, per The Telegraph. “Studios making bad content in order to appeal to the masses and shareholders is like fracking -- you get the best return right now but you wreck the earth." 

She goes on to say that the current Hollywood model is "ruining the viewing habits of the American population and then ultimately the rest of the world." Is she directly targeting the massive amount of superhero fare that has become predominant as of late? She makes that fairly clear by adding, "I don’t want to make $200m movies about superheroes.”

This doesn't mean that she would never direct such a film herself, however. When asked if she would consider making a superhero film, she said that she would consider it, but was quick to add that it would be only if the film or character had a “really complex psychology." 

Though it may seem like she is taking an all-too-popular shot at current genre fare, she does have a point. For every well-crafted genre film of substance, there is bound to be a badly made rush job right behind it, one that may exist only to grab some of that quick genre cash. 

Her work on the latest season of Black Mirror shows that she's not down on the whole enterprise of genre storytelling. It proves that she is only interested in projects that are truly worth her time, as well as the time of the audience. It seems like she enjoyed the Black Mirror experience, as she also adds, "This sounds crazy, but of all the things I’ve done as a director, I’ve never had as nice a collaboration with a producer as this one." 

While it is unlikely that Jodie Foster is lining herself up to direct another attempt at Fantastic Four, if a project is good enough, perhaps we'll see her take it on. 

Via: The Telegraph