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Jodie Whittaker literally breaks glass ceiling in new Doctor Who promo

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Sep 7, 2018, 2:05 PM EDT (Updated)

As the new Doctor for the upcoming 11th season of Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker breaks the glass ceiling. Literally. 

In the latest promotional teaser for the show from BBC America, Whittaker as the Doctor – the first woman to play the role in its 55-year history – stands in a giant hall as its windows and ornate glass ceiling explode—all set to the Macklemore song featuring Skylar Grey, “Glorious.” (And seriously, how spot-on are those lyrics: “You know I'm back / Like I never left”?)

If you think it sounds excessively cheesy, it’s not. If, after seeing the promo you still think it’s excessively cheesy, you may very well be dead inside. 

After the giant glass ceiling shatters, Whittaker turns to the camera and goes, “Whoops,” in the best sorry-not-sorry tone. As the title card says, it’s about time. 

The new season of Doctor Who premieres Sunday, Oct. 7 on BBC One and BBC America. If you're wondering how to prep yourself appropriately for such a glorious occasion, how about watching every single episode of the rebooted Who in the 13 days leading up to that?