Joe Dante to begin filming Roger Corman biopic in 2017

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Nov 9, 2016, 1:40 PM EST

The story of one of cinema's most prolific showmen is, appropriately enough, coming to the screen.

According to EW, the Roger Corman biopic The Man With Kaleidoscope Eyes will start shooting in 2017. The film is being directed by Joe Dante, who like so many filmmakers got his start working for Corman as an editor and then a director on the original Piranha. Dante held a reading of the film's script in Los Angeles last month, with Bill Hader playing Corman, Jason Ritter as actor Peter Fonda and Ethan Embry as Jack Nicholson, although it's not known whether those actors will appear in the movie.

With hundreds of films under his belt as a producer and director over a 63-year (and counting) career, it would be impossible to chronicle all of Corman's exploits in one movie. The Man with Kaleidoscope Eyes focuses on Corman as he prepares to direct The Trip, his 1967 cult classic about a director (Fonda) who has his first LSD experience over the course of an evening. The controversial movie (which was written by Nicholson!) launched a brief craze for psychedelic movies. Corman took LSD himself for the first time as part of his research for the surreal production.

The Trip was just one of many influential, memorable films that Corman either directed, produced or distributed (or all three). Among his other career highlights were the classic Edgar Allan Poe movies of the 1960s, including The Pit and the Pendulum and Masque of the Red Death; the heady 1963 sci-fi tale The Man with the X-Ray Eyes; 1966's The Wild Angels, arguably the first biker movie; 1975's darkly satiric Death Race 2000; and scores of other sci-fi and horror entries ranging from Galaxy of Terror to Children of the Corn (and let's not forget his string of Syfy classics like Dinocroc and Sharktopus).

There's no word yet on a release date for The Man With Kaleidoscope Eyes, but the production entity behind the film, Company X, was founded by actor Elijah Wood and his same partners behind the indie horror company SpectreVision, which has released films like Cooties and The Greasy Strangler. It's more than appropriate that an indie production company, carrying on the tradition that Corman pioneered all those years ago, would spearhead a biopic about this American filmmaking legend.