Joe Hill supernatural horror novel NOS4A2 being developed as a TV series on AMC

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Dec 8, 2015

Looks like AMC is adding another genre series to its roster. After The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Into the Badlands (which picked up a Season 2 renewal yesterday) and the upcoming Preacher series, Deadline reports AMC is currently developing NOS4A2, a supernatural horror TV show based on the bestselling novel from author Joe Hill (Horns,  Locke & Key). The network is currently looking for a writer to pen the adaptation being produced by Michael Eisner’s Tornante TV (BoJack Horseman) and AMC Studios.

NOS4A2 (which quickly reads as Nosferatu) centers on a young woman named Victoria “Vic” McQueen who possesses a secret gift that allows her to find lost things, only the gift is slowly destroying her mind. Her search leads her to someone who has powers of his own — a psychopath named Charlie Manx who’s survived for over a century by feeding on the souls of children he abducts in his 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith with the license plate NOS4A2, keeping himself eternally young. When Manx takes Vic’s son, she’ll dive into the impossible nightmare world lying beneath the surface of everyday America in a desperate bid to get her son back.

Here’s the official book blurb:

Victoria "Vic" McQueen has an uncanny knack for finding things. When she rides her bicycle over the rickety bridge in the woods near her house, she always emerges in the places she needs to be. Vic doesn't tell anyone about her unusual ability.

Charles Talent Manx has a gift of his own. He likes to take children for rides in his 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith with the vanity plate NOS4A2. In the Wraith, he and his innocent guests can slip out of the everyday world to an astonishing playground of amusements he calls Christmasland. Mile by mile, the journey across the highway of Charlie's twisted imagination transforms his precious passengers, leaving them as terrifying and unstoppable as their benefactor.

And then comes the day when Vic goes looking for trouble . . . and finds her way, inevitably, to Charlie. Now the only kid ever to escape Charlie's twisted imagination is all grown up and desperate to forget. But Charlie Manx hasn't stopped thinking about Vic McQueen. On the road again, he won't slow down until he's taken his revenge. . .

A New York Times bestseller, NOS4A2 is only the latest work by Joe Hill to get an adaptation. Horns was recently made into a 2014 movie starring Daniel Radcliffe, and Heart Shaped Box is being redeveloped at Warner Bros. Hill’s supernatural comic series Locke & Key was first developed as a TV series, with a pilot order at Fox, then as a feature film over at Universal. Both projects were ultimately scrapped, but it is apparently being eyed again as a TV series. Earlier this year, Hill wrote and executive-produced Tales From the Darkside, a reboot of the 1980s fantasy/horror/thriller anthology series for The CW.

Are you excited to see NOS4A2 being developed as a TV series on AMC?


(via Deadline)

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