Avengers: Infinity War- Thanos tries to crush Steve Rogers with gauntlet
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Joe Russo and Josh Brolin troll Thanos fan subreddit

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Dec 7, 2018, 12:01 PM EST (Updated)

Thanos is back to his old tricks again.

SYFY has reported on the upcoming ban on the underground Thanos Reddit cult that Thanos' plan from Avengers: Infinity War to eliminate half the world's population has now crossed to the digital realm. The r/Thanosdidnothingwrong Reddit lieutenants warned Screen Rant that half of its users would find themselves banned from the group at random on July 9th. The Joe Russo Reddit account added a selfie-video from Thanos actor Josh Brolin's Instagram to the thread making the upcoming cull official.

"Here we go, Reddit Users," a shirtless Brolin said smiling before he snaps his fingers.

There's still time to join the group before the dust settles. If you are one of the lucky users that's chosen, you can join the r/inthesoulstone subreddit support group. 

This fun PR is good fan service until the fourth Avengers installment hits theaters in 2019.