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Joe Russo says Secret Wars could be 'interesting' if/when Fox characters join MCU

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Apr 10, 2018, 7:05 PM EDT

With Avengers: Infinity War almost on our proverbial doorsteps (and Avengers 4 set to come next year), Marvel and the MCU are now looking to the future. Disney's giant deal with Fox is seemingly set to open up a lot of new doors at the tentpole store, and the Russo Brothers are already window shopping.

Talking with the French publication Linternaute, Joe Russo said (per a translation*), "If that Fox deal goes through with Disney, there's a lot more characters to work with all of a sudden. It would be interesting to do something like Secret Wars." Though the still untitled Avengers 4 has been rumored to be based on Secret Invasion, this is an entirely different "secret."

For one thing, MCU big boss Kevin Feige has stated that the merger would not affect any MCU films currently in development. That means that anything related to the Fox characters that the Russos are looking at would come well after their double-punch of Avengers extravaganzas.


Something that is not specified is which Secret Wars Joe Russo was referring to— is it the original arc from 1984, or the more recent version from 2015? Both involve epic crossovers (something the Russos seem to be enjoying), but the latter arc saw the classic Marvel universe merge with the Ultimates Marvel universe. The X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and Doctor Doom were also heavily involved— hence the post-merger interest.

If the Russos did take a crack at the title, there's also the possibility that they would use the bare bones storyline but make something new— their version of Civil War took plenty of liberties with that series, and Infinity War looks like it's going to do the same.

Another thing to consider? They just said it would be "interesting." They didn't say they are directing it, or are even thinking all that hard about it. They likely have their hands full at the moment. 

Still, it is a fun glimpse of what the future of the MCU could include. If Infinity War delivers, fans of the MCU will likely want the Russos involved long after Thanos has been tossed down the well. Perhaps Secret Wars could be just the thing to bring the X-Men and the Fantastic Four into the MCU?


*Translation assistance provided by Nathalie Caron.