Joel McHale explains why Season 6 really was the last season of Community

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Aug 4, 2015, 4:12 PM EDT (Updated)

Community fans were overjoyed last summer when Yahoo! rescued the show from its NBC cancellation in a move that seemingly fulfilled the "six seasons and a movie" battle cry. Season 6 aired its finale on Yahoo! Screen more than two months ago now, though, and we're still wondering if the "and a movie" part, or perhaps even a Season 7, will materialize for the students and faculty of Greendale Community College. When Season 6 ended, Yahoo! sounded optimistic about some kind of continuation, but now star Joel McHale says that if the show continues, it won't be with another season.

In a new interview with Metro Weekly, McHale explained that Season 7 simply can't happen, but it's not because of lack of interest from Yahoo!, creator Dan Harmon or the cast. It's because the stars of the show simply outgrew the salaries offered by their six season-long contracts, and they have constantly rising careers to think about.

"[Yahoo!] wanted to. But all of our contracts were up after six years. All the actors on the show, almost without exception — their stock has risen significantly and it’s out of the pay rate that is affordable to make the show," McHale said. "So you’re not going to be able to get Alison Brie or Gillian Jacobs at a normal television salary anymore. There is just not enough money to be able to pay for the show."

It may sound like cynical Hollywood money talk, but McHale is right. For all its critical acclaim, Community is, and kinda always was, a niche show for a very specific kind of viewer. It was never going to get the viewers of a comedy like, say, The Big Bang Theory, and that means the producers must spend less. When the show started, the stars were either unknown, untested or only somewhat famous (with the exception of Chevy Chase, I suppose), and now many of them have blown up. McHale's star has risen steadily over the last six years, Alison Brie's getting bigger roles all the time, Ken Jeong's getting his own sitcom, Donald Glover's developing a new series at FX, and the list goes on. Most Community cast members are legitimate stars now, with bigger opportunities, and a fledgling original programming hub like Yahoo! just can't afford them. 

That doesn't mean all hope is lost for more of Greendale, though. McHale's already said that he thinks a movie is still likely, as long as Harmon is willing to write it. As for when that will happen, we have no idea, but don't give up on the study group just yet.

(Via Metro Weekly)

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