John Alden is on a mission in tense new Salem Season 3 clip

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Nov 15, 2016, 3:06 PM EST

The Devil is in Salem and Season 3 of WGN America’s hit horror series has hit the ground running with the quick resurrection of Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) and the introduction of Marilyn Manson as the town’s bloody barber/surgeon Thomas Dinley.

Tomorrow’s episode titled “The Reckoning” will see Mary try to stand her ground against The Sentinel (TURN’s Samuel Roukin) and her son John Jr. (Oliver Bell), aka the Devil, while the good reverend Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel) is trying to rid himself of his wife Anne’s (Tamzin Merchant) familiar Brown Jenkins.

With Hell arriving on Earth, John Alden (Shane West) has been put in charge of the town’s protection, which is now experiencing a sudden influx of refugees (you'd be leaving for greener pastures too if the sky above you turned blood red). He also has to work with Magistrate Hathorne (Jeremy Crutchley) as you can see in the new clip below.

“The Sentinel wants to kill Mary for her actions but the Boy has a greater punishment in mind, a reckoning. Cotton gathers the necessary supplies to eradicate Brown Jenkins from his body. Meanwhile, Isaac continues to seek justice for the dead man he found. Later, Mary’s reckoning begins...”

(via Den of Geek)