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Torchwood "It was bad enough when they killed tosh and owen. Once they killed Ianto it was game over." - HImainland 

John Barrowman is trying hard to get Torchwood back on television with Chris Chibnall

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Oct 26, 2018, 11:46 AM EDT (Updated)

Don't count out Torchwood just yet, folks! While the Doctor Who spinoff went on indefinite hiatus in 2012, the show's main star, John Barrowman (aka Captain Jack Harkness), is actively trying to get the series back on the air, whether on the BBC or a major channel in America.

Speaking to The Radio Times, Barrowman recounted his efforts:

“Without going into too much detail, I actually a while back contacted [current Doctor Who showrunner] Chris [Chibnall]. He was the Torchwood showrunner for a while. I was doing meetings with different production companies all around the U.S., including The CW, and the one thing out of everyone’s mouth was ‘How would we get ahold of Torchwood? To do it?’ And I thought, ‘That’s an interesting question,’ and a lot of people were asking that. ‘How can we get ahold of that brand to do it, to start making it again?’"

Barrowman then got in contact with Chibnall more recently, while Chinball was in talks to become the new showrunner of the current Doctor Who season, with Jodie Whittaker in the main role. Now that Chibnall (who wrote several episodes of Torchwood between 2006 and 2008) is in such a firm place of power within the context of the Whovian universe, Barrowman insists that it's up to him whether the spinoff will make a comeback.

“Who knows?” he said. “If anyone can do it, it’s Chris. Chris is the one who can make the decision, because it’s always the decision of the showrunner of Doctor Who. I was told that that’s the person who can decide about bringing back Torchwood. Or Captain Jack to Doctor Who.”

Running for a total of four seasons between 2006 and 2011, Torchwood followed a special branch of the British government tasked with protecting Earth from aliens and other supernatural hazards. In addition to Barrowman, the show also starred Eve Myles, Burn Gorman, Naoko Mori, and even Bill Pullman.