John Boyega gives us a peek at The Last Jedi with a well cropped tweet

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Mar 25, 2021, 8:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Maybe Ron Howard's habit of giving us glimpses of The Untitled Han Solo Movie has rubbed off on other Star Wars films, or maybe John Boyega is just proving he's a rebel. Either way, the actor shared a photo that definitely drops a hint at a potential plot point in The Last Jedi.

The first thing we want to know is if this means he's back in sanitation undercover (he does know the procedures, after all, and it's likely that a lot of the people who recognized him are either dead or scattered after the destruction of Starkiller Base), and it also has us wondering where he supposedly is.

Additionally, we can see enough of their uniforms to guess what type of officers they're pretending to be, which may give us an insight into what sort of mission they're on. Military technicians wear black uniforms in the First Order. Given Rose's expertise, it's definitely possible this is related to that.

On a side note for you Star Wars Rebels fans, it's interesting to see that code cylinders haven't been upgraded all that much since the days of the Empire. I guess if it works, you use it, right?

Maybe this sort of speculation is why Lucasfilm keeps such a tight check on these things? But it sure is fun to try and figure out the details. Let us know if you spot anything else.