John Carpenter announces Lost Themes follow-up, new album drops this Spring

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Feb 2, 2016

After spending much of his career writing music to fit his movies, veteran filmmaker John Carpenter decided to flip the paradigm last year. Now, the horror maestro is hitting the recording studio again.

Carpenter has announced plans to release Lost Themes II, a followup to his 2015 album Lost Themes, this spring. His first collection of instrumental songs fit the concept nicely, and felt like freaky soundtracks just waiting for a film to be built around them. If you enjoyed Carpenter’s work scoring his films Halloween, Escape From New York and Assault on Precinct 13, you’ll dig it. 

As for Lost Themes II, Rolling Stone reports the new album will feature more electric and acoustic guitar than the first collection, though Carpenter's trademark synthesizer beats will still be featured throughout the new tracks. It sounds like a nice evolutionary move from the sound of Lost Themes, which were great but sometimes stumbled into the synth black hole on occasion. 

Lost Themes II is set to hit record store shelves on April 15, and Carpenter is also putting together a live tour to promote the release.

Check out the track list below:

1. "Distant Dream"
2. "White Pulse"
3. "Persia Rising"
4. "Angel's Asylum"
5. "Hofner Dawn"
6. "Windy Death"
7. "Dark Blues"
8. "Virtual Survivor"
9. "Bela Lugosi"
10. "Last Sunrise"
11. "Utopian Façade"

This deep into his career, it's amazing to see Carpenter embracing a new medium and really giving his music career a run. If the sequel is half as atmospheric and haunting as the original, Lost Themes II could be a film geek's dream to throw on the turntable later this year.


(Via Rolling Stone)

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