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John Carpenter announces two Halloween sequels: Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends

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Jul 19, 2019, 3:17 PM EDT (Updated)

Laurie Strode isn’t done with Michael Myers (or maybe it’s the other way around.) For the next two years to come, we’ll be getting full-scale movie sequels to the David Gordon Green-directed Halloween that terrorized and delighted longtime fans last fall.

Original Halloween creator John Carpenter tweeted out the killer news himself, teasing the two new movies with an awesome trailer-style clip that perfectly captures the grainy, retro spirit of the early Halloween movies that started it all:

The first sequel, titled Halloween Kills, is set to arrive on Oct. 16 of 2020; while Halloween Ends, the second (and decidedly final-sounding) sequel lands on Oct. 15 of 2021. If the three-movie formula holds, that means last year’s film essentially served as the launch to a modern-day Halloween trilogy (and as fans, we’re already picturing the deluxe Blu-ray boxed sets we could be getting just a few years down the road.) 

Trancas International Films, Miramax and Blumhouse Productions are producing the new movies. Last year’s return to Haddonfield sliced off a favorable response from critics (and raves from actual fans), and raked in $255 million worldwide against a reported production budget of only $10 million. 

There’s no early word on casting, but Universal Pictures already has revealed that the key creative players in last year’s movie are coming back for both of the upcoming films — including Jamie Lee Curtis, John Carpenter, and Halloween writer Danny McBride as executive producers.

With that core team from last year’s film in place, it’s not a giant leap to imagine that Curtis would return to the big screen to carry over Laurie Strode’s potentially unfinished business — a saga that stretches all the way from 2018’s Halloween to the the 1978 classic where the terror first began.