John Carpenter

John Carpenter is bringing the band back together for Anthology Movie Themes 1974-1998

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Aug 28, 2017, 3:58 PM EDT

Simultaneously known as one of the foremost directors and composers of his time, Hollywood legend John Carpenter is obviously a man of many talents. Yet again, he’s putting that hot-rocking musician hat on with his latest musical collection, Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998. And he’s taking the show on the road for a U.S. tour!

Set to drop Oct. 20, Anthology is Carpenter’s third synth-driven minimalist album, following 2015’s much-loved Lost Themes and its 2016 follow-up, the aptly titled Lost Themes II. For this effort, Carpenter has re-recorded the masters of some of his most iconic fare to date.

John Carpenter, Anthology: Movie Themes 1974​-​1998

Here’s the solid-gold track listings:

1. "In the Mouth of Madness"
2. "Assault on Precinct 13"
3. "The Fog"
4. "Prince of Darkness"
5. "Santiago (Vampires)"
6. "Escape from New York"
7. "Halloween"
8. "Porkchop Express (Big Trouble in Little China)"
9. "They Live"
10. "The Thing"
11. "Starman"
12. "Dark Star"
13. "Christine"

The bad news is you missed out on the special-edition vinyl, which we’ll spare you all the covetous details about. The good news, though, is that you can still pre-order a Standard Edition Black LP, CD, or digital copy.

More good news: If you live in one of 13 select cities, you may be able to catch Carpenter’s U.S. tour in support of the album, if you jump on tickets fast. It’s sure to be a rocking affair, if the above video from his 2016 tour is any indication. Sunglasses donned for “They Live” are just the beginning!