John Carpenter's Halloween scores a radical 8-bit arcade makeover

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Oct 28, 2016

John Carpenter's Halloween was released in 1978, just before the huge video arcade supernova of the early '80s, so it never received a proper digital adaptation. Sure, there was a lame, bare-bones Halloween game released for the Atari 2600 home system, but it was mostly just a quick cash grab that produced few pennies. The wizards at CineFix's 8-Bit Cinema have rectified that massive oversight with their latest creative installment, transforming the holiday slasher movie into an amusing retro arcade experience as we navigate Michael Myers around his familiar killing fields of Haddonfield, Illinois.  

So slap down your quarter stack and check out Halloween rendered as a wicked, side-scrolling stab-fest and tell us if you'd play this killer game out in the real world.

(Via Geek Tyrant)

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