John Jacobis met the Ice Queen on this week's Killjoys

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Aug 2, 2016, 5:32 PM EDT (Updated)

Spoiler Alert: Either you’ve already seen the most recent episode of Killjoys or you’re here to find out what happened. If neither of those things is true, go watch the episode and come back. I can wait.

Family is tricky. You can be related people you can’t stand and yet you feel this need for their love or approval. Sometimes people find their family is related by love and experience, not blood. Then there are people who take on roles and become family, whether you want them to or not.

This episode is all about family, in many different forms. Johnny’s escorting Pawter to Qresh to see her real family in order to get help for her chosen family (the people of Oldtown), while Dutch and D’avin are trying to figure out just what in the hells Dutch’s mentor and overbearing “father” is up to at the same time that Khlyen heads to see D’av and Johnny’s real dad on Telen (or as D’avin describes it, the ring world at the ass end of the J) and ends up putting D'avin in the same room with his dad after how many years?

Like I said, tricky.

I’ve also come up against my major question of this season. How is Khlyen linking with D’avin? We know the green goo is a conduit between the level Sixes and the mossipedes, but D’avin’s body rejected the green goo, so what gives? It’s definitely a plot point, but I feel like I’m missing something. Can anyone help me with that? Did some bit of fluid stay behind?

Pawter's storyline took a major leap forward and she went from being in exile to Seyah Simms, Lady Of The Land. If you'd told me that was going to happen before I watched this episode, I would have asked what you were smoking, but the events fell into pace in a way that makes sense and also gave Pawter a desperately needed closure with her mother. Her ascendance also means we'll likely get a look at the inner workings of The Nine and their machinations with The Company (or lack thereof). That's been one of my questions: Does The Nine control The Company, or had The Company gone rogue? Also, what's going on that's so bad it would cause Adeline Simms to create a pathogen to free Qresh in order to save it?


Things I loved:

“Are you naked?” “No. Just my bum.” “Cause you seem naked.” Totally naked. In the family baptismal. Love it.

D’avin has a HUGE gun. I want a replica of it or I want to hold it if I ever get to do a set visit, cause dayum.

Dutch beating the crap out of two guys as she talks D’avin through his brain overload.

D'avin trying to fake being Khlyen and Fancy Lee catching on immediately. Sean Baek, you badass, it’s so nice to have you back.

Johnny and Dutch discussing hypotheticals about life changing events and helping each other even as they both deal with their own problems. So much said between the lines.

Pawter and her mother finally getting to talk. They're so similar in that way that mothers and daughters can be similar and still clash (hi mom!), what makes them fight is what ultimately brings them together, even if it was too late. Additionally, Adeline's willingness to put her life on the line to find the answer is not only selfless but shows her trust in Pawter to figure it out.

The final conversation between Dutch and Khlyen. So much said, so much information given, but none of it is shown to us as the audience. There was so much going on just under the surface: tension, love, fear, respect. Amazing.


Things that worked:

The entire scene with dinner at the Simms’ and Johnny as the fish out of water who ultimately proves to be the classiest guy at the table. Adeline Seyah Simms (Jayne Lewis) is definitely a force of nature and John Jacobis isn’t afraid to call her on her sh*t. Gotta love it.

Freaky Friday Killjoys-style. I don’t know if Rob Stewart and Luke MacFarlane had to learn to be each other or if this came about because they’d been mimicking one another on the set, but they both nailed it. Seeing Khlyen with an actual personality and D’avin as a cold-blooded killer put a dimension on both performances right down to the fight sequences.

Putting Khlyen in D'avin's body meant Dutch couldn't fight him. It made space for a conversation that needed to happen to both move the story and their relationship along. On the flip side, the switch put D'avin in the same room with his father and allowed them to have a conversation that helps each of them, even a little. It was a great use of the convention all the way around.

Weymer Simms' sacrifice. Not only does it show his love for his daughters, but he gets to be a hero and has a little chat with John. He was an interesting character and I'll miss him.

Things that needed work:

I knew Hank (Marco Grazzini) was a bad guy kind of early because let’s face it, he was a little too much of a smarmy jerk. Plus, his name was Hank. (No offence Hank Otero, you know I love ya). 


Final thoughts: 

Whatever the army did to D'avin's brain, it repelled the plasma.

It wasn't Dutch on Arkyn (so twin, clone, or resurrection)

Khlyen wants to replicate whatever happened to D'avin. Does he want a way out?

I also have a concern. Pawter has taken her place among The Nine, and she and Johnny have become a couple. Both of those things are great on their own, but it means that we've set up one of the things I worry about most in any story –– best friends (or siblings, ahem, Supernatural) who are forced to keep secrets from one another. I understand that it's a rich soil for storytelling, but it also walks right on that edge of feeling ... wrong. Johnny and Dutch are known for always being honest with each other. It's going to take some pretty major needle threading for things not to dip into betrayal.

I guess we'll see what happens. See ya next week?

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