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John Krasinski can't and won't give up on more Quiet Place stories

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Dec 20, 2019, 4:51 PM EST (Updated)

Actor-turned-director John Krasinski can't seem to give up on his "quiet" lifestyle. We've known that a sequel to the smash hit nailbiter A Quiet Place was in the works, but today we found out that Krasinski is currently writing the new film himself. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Krasinski initially told the studio to move forward with someone else crafting the sequel's story, but he ultimately couldn't let it go. Besides the artistic merit, the first film (which also starred Krasinski's wife, lauded actress Emily Blunt) grossed over $334.5 million worldwide— we can see the appeal of staying quiet a little bit longer. 

Krasinski initially had a "small idea" for a sequel (which may or may not involve filling out the world of the film with characters outside of the main film's core family) but then told the studio to "just go do the movie with somebody else." Even as the studio took other pitches, Krasinski's idea kept growing— as he says, "They heard some pitches, and I told Drew [Form, producer on the film] about this little idea...and he told me to think about it a little longer."

Krasinski did exactly that, ultimately realizing that "this might really work." He is officially writing the sequel, which we're gonna guess might not be called A Quiet Place 2, An Even Quieter Place, or 2 Quiet $ Place

The revelations came during a Wednesday Q&A at the Silver Screen Theatre in Los Angeles. Krasinski also let it slip that he has already conceived a backstory for the noise-pollution-hating creatures of the film, imagining them, per THR, as coming from a planet devoid of light which had them evolve into lethal killing enthusiasts. Krasinski's thought is that they came to Earth via meteor, and though the first film doesn't address this out loud (or via a mime show), some boards in Krasinski's character's basement show what the backstory is. 

"I have the whole backstory," Krasinski said, adding, "I know exactly where they're from and what day and where it happened. But I want to only tell it on this board." 

Will we get some spoken backstory in Deux Placer Quietus, or will it again be left as an open-secret easter egg? Will any character from the first film appear in it, or will we follow an entirely new family (or group) of survivors? Will Emily Blunt fly in with her umbrella and save the day with a giant helicopter blade? We don't know much, but Krasinski certainly does...he is enjoying it enough not to want to step away from it. 

A Quiet Place 2 (the title we're currently going with) will open on May 15, 2020.