Next Gen

John Krasinski is your new robot best friend in the trailer for Netflix animated movie Next Gen

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Aug 15, 2018, 11:09 AM EDT

In the past year, John Krasinski has transformed in the public imagination from that guy who looked at the camera on The Office to the gifted director and star of A Quiet Place and the ripped action hero of Amazon's Jack Ryan. Now he's ready for another transformation: your new robot best friend.

In the new Netflix original animated film Next Gen, Krasinski plays 7723, an extremely advanced robot in a world already full of robots where people wait for the newest model like we wait for the newest iPhone. In the midst of this world, a lonely girl (Charlyne Yi) who feels cut off even from her mother stumbles upon 7723, and he immediately begins trying to befriend her. The two begin to bond, but their friendship quickly becomes something more when it becomes clear that evil killer robots made by a madman are about to become a major threat to the world.

Check it out and let us know what you think:

Now, granted, a story of a kid who develops a friendship with a powerful robot (or monster, or other fun creature) and then sets out to save the world isn't the most original concept in the world, but this looks incredibly charming. The emotive but minimalist face on 7723 has the potential to be something truly heartwarming, the voice acting sounds wonderful, and the design of the world make it feel like a place we could all get happily lost in for a couple of hours. This looks like a fun family sci-fi adventure, and we're excited to check it out.

Also starring Jason Sudeikis, Michael Pena, David Cross, and Constance Wu, Next Gen arrives on Netflix September 7.