John McTiernan says Captain America and comic book movies are made by 'fascists'

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Jul 12, 2016, 3:44 PM EDT

Director John McTiernan, who helmed quite a few action films and blockbusters back in his day (that’d be the late 1980s and 1990s), including Predator, Die Hard, The Hunt for Red October, Last Action Hero, Die Hard: With a Vengeance, The Thomas Crown Affair and a remake of Rollerball back in 2002 – is now looking to make his first film since 2003’s Basic.

So, what does he do while talking about his European plans for his upcoming movie, Thin Rain? Badmouth other films. Well, actually, one type of film. The modern blockbusters.

In a recent interview with Premiere France (via the good folks at Den of Geek who translated from the French), McTiernan slammed the recent wave of comic book movies Hollywood has been going for in the last few years, saying they’re made by “fascists.”

When McTiernan was asked if he thought the major studios were “poisoning action cinema with their ideologies,” here’s what the director said:

“I hate the majority of [major studio] films for political reasons, I can’t really watch them. I’m annoyed the second they start. Captain America, I’m not joking… The cult of American hyper-masculinity is one of the worst things to have happened to the world during the last 50 years. Hundreds of thousands of people have died because of this idiotic delusion. So how is it possible to watch a film called Captain America?! All they’re making are comic book adaptations. There’s action but no human beings, they’re films made by fascists. They’re making all the kids in the world think that they’ll never be important enough to have a film made about their life. And it’s a unique moment in the history of cinema, it didn’t used to be like this. A kid used to be able to learn how a man or a woman should act by watching films. Morals. Comics make heroes for businesses.”

Ouch! That's pretty harsh, don't you think? What do you guys make of John McTiernan’s views on comic book movies?

(via Den of Geek)