John Ridley's The Other History of the DC Universe to dig into unexplored moments

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Jan 12, 2018, 11:16 AM EST

With the recent box-office success of Wonder Woman and the record-smashing presales for Black Panther, cinematic comic adaptations understand that giving a voice to the traditionally voiceless is one of the best ways to tap into untapped buzz.

DC looks to undertake a similar tactic with its historically minded miniseries The Other History of the DC Universe, which the publisher announced today.


Tapping Oscar-winning screenwriter John Ridley (who won the award for 12 Years a Slave, but tackled superheroes in the animated Static Shock and Justice League TV shows), the literary miniseries “will analyze iconic DC moments and chart sociopolitical gains through the perspectives of DC Super Heroes who come from traditionally disenfranchised groups, including John Stewart, Extraño, Vixen, Supergirl, Katana and Rene Montoya,” according to DC.

There’s a focus on the real lives of these heroes -- these Othered heroes -- how their oppressed demographics affect the person underneath the powers. There’ve been hints at this sort of exploration before, with various black superheroes facing racism and female superheroes facing male doubt, but a comic intended to focus on these issues is rare.

“I could not be more excited by the opportunity to excavate the canon of the DC Universe through a vast array of characters who’ve earned their seat at the table,” Ridley said in a statement.  “I’m very impressed with DC's commitment to making their history as reverent and urgent as it is engaging and entertaining for all its many fans.”

This miniseries will launch this winter after Ridley’s current run at Vertigo’s The American Way: Those Above and Those Below, with additional details to come.