John Noble clears up our Fringe confusion in gripping web series

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Krystal Clark
Dec 15, 2012

Fringe is back—sort of. Fox has launched a new web series that explores the ins and outs of the past few seasons. Sounds like a typical recap show right? Wrong! The series is called Past +Present +Future, and it's hosted by Walter Bishop himself, John Noble.

The first episode gives a snapshot of Fringe as a whole, while the second ("A Tragic Past") digs deeper into its history. John Noble narrates each entry with notes on characters, their relationships and their freaky Fringe adventures.

Noble was the obvious choice to guide the recaps. He's part of the cast, he understands the history, and he has an awesome voice! The actor describes Past +Present +Future as " a condensed Reader's Digest version of Fringe." He claims, "It will tantalize and entice Fringe fans new and old, with the rich and extraordinary story we've been telling for 66 episodes, and prepare them for the ongoing adventures in season four."

Hmmm, what are they setting up here? Do we need to submerge ourselves in the past to understand the craziness that's about to happen in the future? Are they preparing us for the Peter-less fallout? If so, this is a great way to ease viewers back into the Fringe world. After the summer hiatus, some of us need a refresher course on parallel universes.

Fringe returns Sept. 23.

(via PopWatch)

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