Johnny Depp becomes more than a man in 1st full Transcendence trailer

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Dec 23, 2013, 9:47 AM EST

After some very enigmatic teaser footage, we've finally got a full trailer for Wally Pfister's directorial debut, Transcendence, and it's full of big plot reveals. 

Earlier this week the film's first teaser showed us little more than Johnny Depp's character, Dr. Will Caster, proposing an ambitious sci-fi concept: Create a sentient artificial intelligence that would surpass all of human intelligence, bringing about a technological singularity that Caster refers to as "transcendence." Now, with the full trailer, we get more of the speech, plus what happens next.

Caster's big ideas make him a popular figure in the scientific community, but not everyone is impressed with his plans, namely the anti-technology group RIFT, who launch a crusade against AI by hitting various laboratories and attempting to assassinate Caster by shooting him with a radiation-laced bullet. As Caster's dying from the radiation poisoning, his wife and colleague, Evelyn (Rebecca Hall), concocts a desperate plan to save her husband's life by uploading his consciousness into a computer. If she succeeds, it will be a breakthrough, but one false move and her husband's consciousness could morph into something frighteningly different.

If this trailer's any indication, Transcendence promises to be an ambitious techno-thriller with big sci-fi ideas at work and a powerful cast that also includes Morgan Freeman, Kate Mara, Paul Bettany and Cillian Murphy. Check it out below.

Transcendence hits theaters on April 17, 2014. Will you be there?

(Via Bleeding Cool)