Killjoys 3.6 Recap: Johnny's past comes back and Aneela's not happy

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Aug 4, 2017

Spoiler Alert: either you’ve already seen the most recent episode of Killjoys, or you’re here to find out what happened. If neither of those things is true, go watch the episode and come back. I can wait.

My brain locked onto this episode being an Agatha Christie murder mystery, and now I want to see Aaron Ashmore in a dashing hat and sporting a mustache, so you're welcome for that image. In this case, it's the Scarback Necropolis instead of a train, but Hercule Poirot in space is a fun idea.

On the other side of the cinematic spectrum, Aneela's story has turned into a Truman Show/Carrie/Inception sort of thing, where we learn a lot more about what makes Aneela tick, and also what not to do if you're trying to keep her calm. Gander definitely became more of a factor (and a casualty) this episode, as well, and Kendry –– whatever's happening there is not good, although I'm sure she'd be happy to know she's managed to woo Aneela, if she was, y'know, conscious and not hooked up to things ... and what is up with her belly? Like I said, Not. Good.

Then we have The Nine, who basically gave the Quad to the Hullen to save their collective asses and profit, and who now plan to get the hell out of Dodge to save themselves again. Louella's grudge is understandable when you consider that The Nine pretty much destroyed her family and Qresh, and now they're about to bail again.

Except, you know, it's not really legal to kill people just because you're mad at them. Whoops.

This episode also works on a number of levels. It's a murder mystery and a thriller, which both drive the narrative and are enjoyable entirely on their own. There's a little sex, a little violence, some pretty cool tech, and our heroes save the day in the end. It's what happened within that framework that made this episode really interesting for me, because it dropped in some exposition and character development without tipping its hand.

That's where things got juicy.


In last week's recap, I mentioned Dutch making a mistake with Banyon, and it was really interesting to see her acknowledge and be bothered by it this week. She's 100% right; she doesn't get to make mistakes. Not when the stakes are this high. She's rattled. Drinking to get drunk, kissing D'avin, not being able to do the Final Salute, all signs point to a Dutch who has a lot more going on than some doubts. Those doubts weren't answered in this episode, and we know she's run off with Zeph, so that should be ... interesting.


Did you call this little twist? I had a feeling Aneela wasn't the top of the chain, but the prisoner on the ship thing caught me off guard. Her little-girl tantrum when she's alone is telling, but I definitely thought the "not again" when she realized Kendry was gone was interesting. Not again to what? Losing someone? Whatever it is, we have definitely established that it's a super bad idea to piss her off.


D'avin may think "Soldier "D'avin is kind of a dick, but I like him. Sometimes things need to be said. He's also a negotiator, leader, all-around badass, and emotional support for Dutch. Throw in some humor, charm, and military background, and he's more interesting now than ever. He also got left holding a bottle of Hoc, so I'll be excited to find out what happens the next time he sees Dutch.


I should stop being surprised when Aaron Ashmore does a scene that hits me right in the heart. He's so open, and John's so honest about how he feels. It's refreshing to see a male character be vulnerable without sliding into self-indulgence. The last scene with Louella was especially poignant. John may be off the hook with the RAC, but he's still doing time.


I'm glad Killjoys is letting Pawter's loss resonate with John and with the last of her family. Having Louella (Kimberly-Sue Murray) return in this episode not only reminds us that grief doesn't just go away, but it lets us learn more about Louella herself, and just what she went through when she lost everyone.

I saw Louella palm the seed when I first watched it, but seeing how she looks at the box and the close-ups she gets before she palms it on the rewatch, I'm mad I missed that she was the one who was up to this. It's so obvious when you know what to look for! Add in her faking being sick, and you realize just how far she'll go for revenge. I think she'll be an ally going forward, but I'm not sure if she'll be able to do anything considering we don't know if she's taken responsibility for the deaths.

Delle Seyah Kendry

Aneela has a fur bedspread. No wonder Kendry likes her. Well, that and the sex and the power and all kinds of other things. I also personally love her complete embrace of her sexual nature. Sadly, it doesn't work on Gander. Honestly, I never thought I'd feel bad for her, but after this episode, I really do. Gander's also wrong about Kendry not being special. Aneela genuinely seems to care for her. I'm super curious as to why. Maybe it's because Kendry's an out-of-the-box thinker?


It's always nice when we get more insight into Alvis, and I'm intrigued by his relationship with Dutch in that it seems to be in flux in some way. Snarky Alvis is also the best Alvis. The show needs more Snarky Alvis.


I love Zeph. I do. A lot. Like, a lot. And I love Kelly McCormack and how she plays Zeph. And did I mention I love Zeph? Cause I do.

Random Thoughts

Muzak sucks no matter where you are. You'd think the Scarbacks would have better taste in music.

"You don't know analog?"
"You know how to fire a musket?"

"Sir Pompous McDickbag." Have I mentioned how much I love this show?

The whole elevator trick was great, funny, and thrilling, even if it's a little unbelievable. But we're talking about a space adventure show, so there's wiggle room.

Did you have a Carrie flashback? I sure did.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Y'know, the minute I start to like Turin, he does ... something and goes right back in the "A**hole Column."

Aneela figures out that it's not Khlyen in the Green, so who is he really? And what memories? Who's been rattling around in her head?

Final Thought

Stored memories in brain tissue that closely match Dutch's DNA and she's off to "crack 'em open" without a word to John or D'avin. It's a good indicator of just how off-kilter Dutch is. It's not that she doesn't do dangerous things, but she's not really prone to going off without telling anyone unless she's convinced they'll try to stop her. In this case, it's a pure gut reaction, and Dutch is always better when she's using both her mind and her instincts, so I guess we'll see next week?

See you then!