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Join a cult at the Sacred Lies Escape Room Experience

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Jul 20, 2018, 2:30 PM EDT

"Charlie loves you,” insist the creepy members of the Kevinian cult dressed all in blue and wearing flower crowns outside the Sacred Lies Escape Room outside Petco Park during San Diego Comic-Con. 

The upcoming Facebook Watch show is based on YA novel The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes which is based on a Brothers Grimm story following the story of Bly (played by Elena Kampouris) who escapes from a cult but then finds herself in juvenile detention center accused of a crime. 

Kampouris stopped by the escape room to give us some quick cult tips and also some insight into her character.


"I play a girl, Minnow Bly, who escapes from a cult and my hands have been chopped off and so I escape and then I get put into juvenile detention because I'm being accused of a crime," said Kampouris. "So there's these two worlds: the cult and juvie. It's like fantasy world with this cult that's actually pretty brutal. And then there's juvenile detention center where my character is like a fish out of water. She's an alien in a new world because she's left this cult that is brainwashing all these ideas. Now she gets to decide who she is and what her identity is. And she's a strong heroine, which is just so cool."

The escape room experience is actually less of an escape and more like an initiation because by the end, if you’re successful, you are part of the "community." Oops.

Once inside the giant trailer and unburdened from our worldly possessions (aka we had to leave our phones outside), we collected the items needed for our cult ceremony — like a tambourine, because music is a necessary component of cults, as I'm sure you know. Next, we got to know our cult members. I am concerned about the man who owns an ax.

After gathering our items, and getting to know our fellow cult-members, it's time for the ceremony! Thank goodness. We donned our flower crowns, held hands and performed a cleansing ritual, which finally allowed us to please our leader, Charlie, and join the Kevinian cult. VICTORY!

Do you think there's an escape room experience for leaving the cult too?

Sacred Lies premieres on Facebook Watch July 27.

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