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Jon Hamm goes behind the helmet of Boba Fett in Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View audiobook

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Sep 15, 2017

After 40 years of ruling the galaxy, the empire of Star Wars has invaded the sci-fi genre with eight movies and counting, not to mention a theme park, conventions, intergalactic cosplay groups, and an entire universe of merch—the latest of which just landed on Force Friday.

Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View celebrates 40 years of the far-out franchise with just as many stories. Even if you already know you want this book on your coffee table, the audiobook version features some stellar appearances you don’t want to miss. For example: Jon Hamm as Boba Fett.

“We know some of these readers — like Jon Hamm (reading as Boba Fett) and Neil Patrick Harris (reading about an Imperial officer in the Death Star) — might not be available for an entire audiobook,” co-producer Aaron Blank told in an interview, “but we were able to bring them on board for this project.”

Boba Fett’s story, “Added Muscle” by Paul Dini, goes behind that iconic helmet.

I can just hear that in Hamm’s boss Don Draper voice. While the details surrounding Dini’s tweet are still floating out there in the far reaches of space, there is a possibility for finding out how being a prototype clone of his father Jango affected the bounty hunter’s psyche. Is a feeling of inferiority what could have driven him to boosting his ego by serving the seedy underbelly of Tatooine?

Neil Patrick Harris’ role is more mysterious. It isn’t immediately obvious which story the character he will be reading belongs in, since there is no shortage of Dark Side shenanigans throughout the book. After all, Harris was Dr. Horrible.

“The amount of talent working on this audiobook is phenomenal, and they’ve put together something special — unique, but very familiar,” added co-producer Nick Martorelli.

This still can’t stop me from imagining Boba Fett in one of Draper’s signature suits, or a seriocomic mashup of a uniformed Imperial officer in Horrible’s goggles.

You can preorder the book and audiobook (available on Audible), which soar out of space Oct. 3.

(via Star Wars)

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