Jon Snow fans finally get an answer in revealing new poster for Game of Thrones' return

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Nov 25, 2015, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

The cat is out of the bag. The shoe has dropped. The beans have spilled: The late Jon Snow is alive again on Game of Thrones. And we know for certain because HBO has told us so in its poster for the upcoming Season 6.

When last we left our hero on the Wall, Jon Snow had been killed, stabbed by his brothers of the Night’s Watch, who considered him a traitor for saving the Wildlings. But even though the Night’s Watch and the Free Folk beyond the Wall had been enemies since the Wall came up, Jon knew the White Walkers' were the bigger threat—and the only way to face them was to band together. He died for that belief.

The poster isn’t just a reveal. With the blood covering his face, it’s also a hint that his resurrection won’t be clean. 

What will Melisandre, the priestess of R’hllor, have to do to revive her ally against the Long Night? Damned if I’ll know. Considering she compelled Stannis to sacrifice her own daughter Shireen near the end of Season 5, I’ll probably have to watch the scene with a hand over my face. 

We’ve had hints that Jon Snow was still alive and well in the TV series: The actor kept his hair long even after shooting, and he had been spotted in Ireland, where his scenes were filmed. But now we have full-on proof. Plus, HBO is plastering this poster on billboards across the nation — so they're finally ready to let the world know.

Also of note: Jon Snow’s reappearance is a spoiler for readers of the books, where the character remains dead. 

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