Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy on why Westworld's Season 2 will be even wilder

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Dec 7, 2016


The dust and gunsmoke from Sunday night's jaw-dropping Westworld finale on HBO has finally settled, and Dr. Robert Ford's upcoming narrative, "Journey Into Night," has finally been revealed, heralding a brave new world for the park's sentient androids.  While most of the sci-fi series' most pressing questions have been answered and its knot of intertwining timelines unraveled,  there are millions of fans craving more and trying to glean any minutiae they can out of the remaining clues that will lead inquiring minds into Season 2.

Westworld's hard-working showrunners and head writers, Jonathan Nolan and his wife Lisa Joy, are scribbling away in the writers room at this very instant, conjuring up the magic we won't likely see until 2018 due to the show's lavish scope, exorbitant budget and monumental production values.  

The creative pair recently chatted with Deadline about payoffs, possibilities and the potential of this provocative series galloping into its sophomore season two years from now.  Oh, and yes, Nolan did confirm that Samurai World would somehow play out in Season 2, with the finale's glimpse into its gladatorial training center and wall logo being just a tease of what's to come.

Freeze all motor functions and read what intriguing beans the writer/producer spilled in the interview, then watch HBO's finale recap in the video below for a taste of the chaos to come:

Regarding Dr. Robert Ford's shocking demise at the hands of Dolores and whether he's truly gone:

“Well, that version of Ford is dead,” said Nolan. 

On Westworld's hypnotic interplay between reality, dreams and memory:

“We’ll continue to play with this idea in terms of the hosts’ capacity, along with audiences’ understanding and participation right out of the gate,” promises Nolan. “When Lisa and I conceived this show, we were taking advantage of this amazing moment of television we’re in. There’s an anything-goes sensibility and audiences look for things that subvert expectations and go in different directions. With a big ensemble show like this, there was an opportunity to reinvent a show, season on season. It’s the same mind-set that applied during the Dark Knight movies. Each movie, to keep it fresh, had a subtle, different genre.”

Regarding Dolores' father, Peter Abernathy, smuggling data out of the park as a reluctant mechanical mule for Charlotte:

“Well, he’s not in cold storage and I didn’t see him on the train,” Nolan joked.

On the fate and location of Elsie and Stubbs:

. “We have things to circle back to and tee up for next season,” said Nolan. “We can’t leave that story hanging,”

About the robots rising up against their gods and how the plot mapping will differ from Season 1:

“Westworld isn’t always what it seems to be," he revealed. “You can’t be programmatic, you have to have that gap, and change to what your actors are doing.”

What questions would you like answered in Westworld's upcoming season and were you satisfied with Sunday night's climax?

(Via Deadline)

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