Person of Interest creator talks S2 + that shocking cliffhanger

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Dec 17, 2012

Remember last season's shocking cliffhanger on CBS's Person of Interest? Finch got kidnapped, Amy Acker was a bad guy, Carter and Fusco found out about each other, and Reese was getting a mysterious call from pay phone.

Well, when season two premieres tonight we'll discover what's going on with that phone call, as well as learn more about the Machine itself, said creator Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman, the executive producers, in an exclusive interview with Blastr.

[Spoiler alert!]

"We're picking up right where we left off," said Nolan. "A pay phone is ringing on a street corner in New York, and Reese is going to find out what's waiting for him on the other end of the line. But we will also be going back in time to find out a bit concerning the Machine's history." The series stars Michael Emerson as Finch, Jim Caviezel as Reese, Taraji P. Henson as Carter and Kevin Chapman as Fusco.

"In season two we're hoping to tell you more about one of our favorite characters ... the Machine," said Plageman. "It's been working for us behind the scenes throughout the first season, but now we're gonna learn about what makes it tick. And at the same time, we're sticking to the heart of the show: our team of crimefighters kicking butt to save New Yorkers every week."

However, don't expect the show to be the same as last year, even if Finch gets rescued. It will keep changing and evolving, the executive producers said.

"The ground has shifted. Our characters have always had difficulty trusting each other, and now we're asking them to do just that. At the same time, the threats to our team are becoming increasingly dangerous as our moles in the NYPD step over the boundaries of the law time and again," said Nolan.

Creating and developing the hit show has not been an easy task, said Nolan. "Writing over 20 of these each year, the main challenge is always finding new ways we can surprise the audience in terms of twists, shootouts and technological wizardry. But we have our staff working around the clock to come up with new tricks, and we've got some great stuff lined up for this season," he said.

Guest stars this season include, Acker returning as Root, Lost's Ken Leung, Julian Sands and Robert John Burke, who returns as Fusco's NYPD friend Simmons. Michael Emerson's real-life wife, True Blood's Carrie Preston, will also return as Finch's former fiancée.

"We are definitely hoping to have some favorites recur. We love Paige Turco, who has appeared several times as the fixer Zoe. Several characters we have met before as threats to our heroes may come back to haunt them. When we last saw Agent Stanton (Annie Parisse), she had just caught up with Agent Snow (Michael Kelly). They've been up to something since then," said Plageman.

Here's a look:

Who do you think is calling Reese on that pay phone?