Jonny Quest film back in development with an intriguing name as director

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May 26, 2015, 6:33 PM EDT (Updated)

Jonny Quest and his gang of adventurers are finally coming out of retirement, with a very intriguing hand at the wheel of this long-awaited reboot.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has signed Robert Rodriguez (Planet Terror, The Faculty) to direct a live-action version of Jonny Quest. The film will be based on the cult-hit 1964 Hanna-Barbera ABC cartoon of the same name, which followed a boy (Jonny), his father and a team of adventurers as they went on globe-trotting missions that featured everything from robots to mummies.

No word on what direction the new film will take, but with Rodriguez at the helm, you’d have to think it’ll be a fun one. This is the guy who directed both Spy Kids and Sin City — we can’t wait to see what he does with Jonny Quest. Rodriguez is working with Terry Rossio (Pirates of the Caribbean series) to write the script. A Quest film has been kicking around for years (Zac Efron and the Rock were reportedly attached in 2010), but this might finally be the one to escape development hell.

Having been around for decades, Jonny Quest has already gone through its own share of reimaginings along the way. The original 1960s series only lasted one season (because it was so darn expensive to produce), but it only got more and more popular in syndication. There were also some 1980s and 1990s animated revivals (The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest FTW), but a live-action film represents the biggest bet yet on Jonny’s gang.

Are you looking forward to seeing Jonny Quest on the big screen? Is Rodriguez the man for the job?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)