Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ thank you vid to Metal Gear movie fans is as Kojima as it gets

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Aug 16, 2018, 12:24 PM EDT (Updated)

At this point, it seems Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ passionately relentless pursuit of the elusive green light to adapt Hideo Kojima’s iconic Metal Gear video game franchise for the screen has everyone on board except the one party that matters most: the studio itself. 

Vogt-Roberts just posted a thank-you video to fans, capping a month-long Metal Gear social media blitz that’s delivered a trove of killer movie concept art and story ideas that all but channels Kojima in its presentation and delivery. 

Voiced by none other than the one and only Snake himself (Metal Gear veteran David Hayter) and riffing on the script of some of the series’ most famous moments (“Movies… movies have changed,” Snake even muses), it’s one part fan love letter, one part status update, and one part plea for a groundswell of support to persuade Sony Pictures to help bring Vogt-Roberts' vision to life.

Predictably, the status update is what you’d expect — the fate of the whole thing’s still very much up in the air. But it’s clear from Vogt-Roberts’ work here, as well as the continuing deluge of concepts and renderings we keep seeing via his well-cultivated network of Metal Gear veterans and inside-the-industry aficionados, that the Kong: Skull Island director gets Kojima's franchise on an intuitive and even emotional level — and he’s surrounded his project with people who feel the same. 

If you’ve missed Vogt-Roberts’ Metal Gear blowout via his social channels over the past few weeks, now’s as good a time as any to get caught up. Check out the amazing assortment of concept art he’s been sourcing, and stay tuned for updates on whether the studio decides his Metal Gear adaptation — aka, as Vogt-Roberts promises, “the first great video game movie" — looks like, ahem, a solid bet.

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