Jordan's King Abdullah building $1.5 billion Star Trek theme park

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Dec 15, 2012

If you had a couple of billion dollars lying around, what would you do with it? If you're King Abdullah II of Jordan, you'd spur the economic development of your country and feed your fannish nature ... by building a Star Trek theme park.

King Abdullah II of Jordan is the main investor in the Star Trek theme park, which has secured $1.5 billion in funding.

According to The National:

The resort will include hotels, theatres, dining and shopping. The entertainment will be themed around the idea of Jordan as "a crossroads of civilisations," Ms Ayoubi said.

The Star Trek-themed "space-flight adventure" will be created under licence from CBS Consumer Products, which manages the licensing of television shows including the CSI series.

The catch is that this theme park will be built in Aqaba, Jordan, which is terrific for Jordanians but quite a haul for the rest of us. (Oh, and if you happen to go, you might as well see Petra, the stand-in site for the Canyon of the Crescent Moon in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.)

Although AOL has written that the Star Trek park will be based on the rebooted series, it seems unlikely that the developers would ignore Star Trek: Voyager. After all, King Abdullah himself appeared in it back when he was a prince:

(via AOL)

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