Jose Padilha says the world needs satire in his RoboCop reboot

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Dec 15, 2012

Director Jose Padilha has been pretty open with us so far about what he plans to change and even add to his reboot of Paul Verhoeven's classic RoboCop. But there are also a few things he plans to keep in his version, and when it comes to the original's satirical take on corporate greed, Padilha says it's just plain necessary.

Padilha is known for tackling tough social issues in his films, a stance that helped earn him the Berlin Film Festival's top prize, The Golden Bear, for his police drama Elite Squad in 2008. With RoboCop, he's hoping to merge that kind of social awareness with a sci-fi sensibility, all while maintaining the biting satire that helped shape Verhoeven's film in 1987. And since RoboCop's home city is Detroit, a symbol of social strife for quite some time now, Padilha will have plenty to work with.

"The satire element of RoboCop is, I think, needed today," he said. "That kind of social, aggressive satire I haven't seen done well in movies lately. And it's almost like the politics and violence in the world is asking for this: 'Someone please make some satire now!' So we're going to keep that edge."

So it seems like Padilha feels it's important to present a satirical RoboCop in an effort to soften the blow of the violence. But we still get to see him blow people's heads off, right?

As for who might star in the flick, Padilha doesn't go into detail, but he does make one brief reference to Michael Fassbender, who the rumor mill seems to point to as a likely star for the reboot. Padilha's not telling if Fassbender (or anyone else) is in the flick, but he does think the X-Men: First Class star is "amazingly talented."

So can Padilha capture the same satirical flair that Verhoeven did, and can he make it relevant to now?

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