Joseph Gordon-Levitt is joining The Dark Knight Rises. But as who?

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 14, 2012

The ever-secretive Christopher Nolan has recruited another Inception veteran for this climactic chapter in his Bat-odyssey. But who could the fleet-footed Gordon-Levitt be playing?

This is becoming an almost weekly game: "Who will the villains be? Who's gonna get cast? This person got cast, but not as a villain we expected." While some might think this a futile endeavor, trying to forecast what Nolan's going to do and who he's going to get to do it, I choose to see it as something of a challenge. As Spock would say, "Sauce for the goose."

Given Gordon-Levitt's dancer's frame, it'd be easy to think he'll play Edward Nygma, better known as the Riddler. Or perhaps his sense of style—Inception proved that he looks awful good in a well-cut suit—might make the Mad Hatter a possibility. Hey, maybe even the Clock King. Is it possible that his remarkable resemblance to Heath Ledger might mean a return of the Joker? (No.)

But I think Nolan's got something else in mind. I think Gordon-Levitt's going to play a certain former circus acrobat, one who's just as torn up over his parents' death as Bruce Wayne.

I doubt we'll see any green-and-yellow tights—that just doesn't seem Nolan's style—but I'm betting that Dick Grayson is in the house.

(via Deadline)

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