Josh Boone reveals an early logo for Fox's New Mutants film

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Sep 12, 2017

The New Mutants feels like one of those films we've known about forever but haven't actually seen anything from yet. That stands to reason, as writer/director Josh Boone is only now wrapping up shooting, but there are still no behind-the-scenes shots or costumes or even little teases from the cast. The release of visual details on this film has, for the moment, a tight lid on it.

That might be changing, though. Boone took to his Instagram page Thursday to share a production slate from the set that gives us a first look at an early logo for the flick. Check it out:

New Mutants readers will know that's basically just the comic series' classic logo with a little blood-splatter added for effect. It's doubtful that we can expect the exact same image when the film starts putting out teasers and posters. What is interesting, though, is the snowy landscape in the background with a single character (who I would guess is Mirage) standing in a bloody patch. Boone has made no secret of the fact that he intends to make this film not a superhero movie, but a horror movie. To that end the film will, in some way, adapt the iconic "Demon Bear" saga, pitting the young mutants against that particular creature. Based on this very vague image, it looks like that's still the plan.

The New Mutants hits theaters March 23, 2018.

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