Josh Brolin says he'd like to make his own version of Jonah Hex

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Feb 10, 2016, 10:13 AM EST

Nearly six years after the Jonah Hex movie bombed, star Josh Brolin would like to try again.

The 2010 film adaptation of DC Comics' Old West antihero reigns as one of the more disastrous failures in the comic-book movie genre, a fact that still apparently rankles its star, Josh Brolin. But Brolin, who says he "hated" the movie, was pretty much a victim of circumstance: The sudden departure of the original directors, last-minute script rewrites, extensive reshoots and a budget that went way out of control ($80 million) all contributed to the movie being close to incoherent, if not outright unwatchable -- not to mention a complete box-office bust.

So it might be surprising to hear that Brolin, in an interview with Nerdist, revealed that he had his own idea at the time of how he would like to have made Jonah Hex -- and might still like to try:

"I remember when I was talking to Warner Bros. about doing that movie, (Clint Eastwood Western) ‘High Plains Drifter’ is what I put on the TV, I said, ‘That’s what I wanna do.’ I would do that movie still. If I ever had the balls to spend $5 million, which I don’t, I would do that movie, ’cause that’s the version of that movie that would have been successful, for sure. And it didn’t need to cost anything more than $8-$10 million.”

In other words, Brolin would scale back the action and expensive visual effects and make Jonah Hex as a sparse, no-frills, gritty western -- which admittedly might indeed be a much better way to go.

We'll probably never find out though: Brolin's vision is not likely to get the studio's support -- no matter how cheap -- and he's already moved over to the Marvel team, where he's playing Thanos. And then there's the TV version of Hex, who will be showing up shortly on Legends of Tomorrow

But on some alternate Earth-2, do you think a Josh Brolin-directed Jonah Hex made for peanuts like an old-school western might have had a better chance?

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