Joshua Jackson hints how Fringe could live on even if Fox kills it

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Dec 16, 2012, 12:07 PM EST

A potential kill order by Fox may not be the end for perennially low-rated Fringe ... at least according to lead actor Joshua Jackson, anyway.

In an interview with MTV, Jackson—aka Peter Bishop—hinted that conversations are going on right now behind the scenes to at least try and move the show if Fox opts not to bring it back for a fifth season. Considering the fact that Fox has all but stated the show is losing money, it only seems prudent to keep some options open.

"They've talked about maybe going off network with it, too," he told MTV. "The TV landscape is a different place than it used to be, so [cancellation on Fox] might not be death."

Jackson didn't specify where the show might land, but considering the dip in viewership at Fox, another major broadcaster is doubtful—leaving cable and maybe an online service ala Netflix as the only other viable options.

Word that Fringe could get a reprieve regardless of what Fox does must come as good news to fans, but Jackson admitted the only thing that can truly save the show is what keeps every series alive: viewers.

"[The show is] in that awkward place of being on the bubble—or under the bubble, as the case might be," he said. "I think there's a possibility that if people just watched the show on the day and date, and if the numbers came back, [renewal] is a possibility."

If the current season does prove to be the last, Jackson said he at least hopes a decision will come soon enough to give the writers ample time to wrap things up.

"The only thing that would piss me off about being canceled is if we brought people along for all these years—and they've been so dedicated and really stuck with the show—and we didn't finish it up," he said. "I don't know how many hours it would take to implement the [writers' endgame], but we have plenty of hours left. I think if we found out in the next several weeks, there would be no problem getting to what the ending is supposed to be."

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What do you think? Aside from Fox, what other net could be a good home for Fringe?

(via MTV)