Joss Whedon talks 'dangerous' Hollywood trends (and bashes Green Lantern)

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Jul 20, 2013, 1:19 PM EDT

Joss Whedon has a somewhat ironic bone to pick with Hollywood.

After rolling out his new ABC series Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for a horde of fans at San Diego Comic-Con Friday afternoon, Whedon again took the stage Friday evening for a panel hosted by Dark Horse Comics, where he's still putting out BuffyAngel and sometimes Firefly books. The Q&A session quickly turned into a discussion of all things Whedony, and the writer/director/nerd overlord was asked if there were any other franchises he'd like to get his hands on (you know, because he's not busy enough already). 

Though he acknowledged that it might be weird to hear such a thing from the guy who just made a movie based on a comic book (The Avengers) followed by an adaptation of a Shakespeare play (Much Ado About Nothing), Whedon took the question as an opportunity to address what he sees as a growing problem in Hollywood and pop culture in general.

“I do feel like we are in desperate need of new content,” he said. “Pop culture is eating itself at a rate that is going to be dangerous. Too many narratives are built on the resonance of recognition. That’s going to become really problematic. Even though it’s enormous fun to work on something I read as a child, I think it’s important for us to step back from that and create new universes, new messages, and new icons … so that 10 years from now we can reboot those.”

Whedon echoed that sentiment when another fan asked him if he would ever consider going back to Warner Bros. to again work on a Wonder Woman film.

“I don’t like to go back to things,” he said, “and I also feel there’s plenty of room for a new iconic female heroine. So let’s look to the future.”

And speaking of Warner Bros., Whedon also managed to get a dig in at that disappointing Green Lantern flick.

“I think [director] Martin Campbell kicks ass," Whedon said. "I just don’t think Green Lantern was his thing — and it showed.”

It does seem strange to hear all this talk about "new content" from a guy whose biggest project right now (that we know of) is a sequel to the biggest comic-book movie ever made, but Whedon also said in the panel that he's itching to do something new in the future. It may have to wait until after Earth's Mightiest Heroes go back into battle, but we haven't seen the last of Joss Whedon's "new universes" yet.

(Via Deadline and Newsarama)