Joss Whedon weighs in on those Avengers 2 Planet Hulk rumors

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Mar 5, 2013, 8:38 PM EST

Joss Whedon has finally commented on those recent rumors that the popular Planet Hulk storyline from the comics would serve as the basis for the next two Avengers movies.

It was last month that word got around about a sensational story arc for Avengers 2 and 3, as well as a stand-alone Hulk movie: The Avengers 2 would end with the Hulk deemed too dangerous for Earth and shot into space. He would land on an alien planet in his own film -- based on the Planet Hulk comics -- and become the ruler there. With his army in tow, he would come back to Earth for revenge in The Avengers 3based on the World War Hulk comic series.

Sounds great, right? Only problem is that it's not happening. Speaking with IGN, Whedon was asked if the next two Avengers films would feature either the Planet Hulk or World War Hulk stories. His response was direct: "Well I’m really not supposed to comment, but no, that’s nonsense."

A recent report at Ain't It Cool News suggested that one reason those stories won't be used is that they don't have much room at all for the Hulk's human alter ego, Bruce Banner, played by Mark Ruffalo. The actor proved popular in the role, and, as the report says, you don't sign a guy for six movies and not have him show his face at all (except through motion capture).

So while we don't know what Whedon has in store for The Avengers 2, we now know that those Hulk-centric stories won't be part of it. He did tell Time Out London, however, "I've got the next story, and it's a corker. I haven't even been thinking in terms of superhero movies. The films I've been thinking about are The Godfather Part II and The Empire Strikes Back. Those are the stars by which I chart my course."

Are you disappointed that we won't be seeing Planet Hulk or World War Hulk on the screen? Or do you trust in Joss to deliver a great story no matter what?