Joss Whedon WILL be back for Avengers 2 (But wait, there's more!)

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Nov 17, 2014

It's been three months since Joss Whedon's The Avengers hit theaters and became one of the biggest movies ever, and ever since we saw it we've been wondering if Whedon would come back to bring his particular brand of awesome to a sequel. Well, now it's official—but apparently Avengers 2 isn't the only thing we can expect from Earth's Mightiest Director.

The news came courtesy of Marvel's owner, Disney, when Walt Disney Company CEO Robert Iger announced Whedon's return during a call discussing the company's latest earnings reports on Tuesday. But Iger made it clear this is about more than just a movie. He wants to "leverage the power of the Avengers" as much as possible, and in that spirit Whedon will also be moving to the small screen to develop a TV series for Marvel.

That's right. Joss Whedon's returning to TV in the Marvel Universe.

We don't know yet what exactly this TV project will focus on, or when we'll see it, but this definitely confirms the Marvel collaboration with ABC we heard about last week. And with Guillermo del Toro still working on his own Hulk TV show, we could be set up for a very big TV push for Marvel in the coming years.

Of course, we knew already that Avengers 2 would be headed our way (with more than $1 billion at the box office for the first one, how could it not be?), but the official addition of Whedon to the second flick definitely adds a thick new layer of interest, not to mention a strong built-in audience. And after all the epic badassery Whedon brought to the first film, we can only imagine what he'll do with the second, especially with that awesome mid-credits villain setup.

(Via THR)