Is Joss Whedon working on a new film that Eliza Dushku will star in?

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Jul 2, 2015, 3:18 PM EDT

Got the blues because Dollhouse is dead and you're not getting your weekly fix of Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku? If so, you're in luck, because the actress and writer/producer/director will be teaming up once more—though at this point, the former Dollhouse star isn't doing much more than teasing us about it.

While attending Discovery's Life premiere in Los Angeles, Dushku spoke to and admitted that their next project together would be a feature film, but refused to share anything about its content.

"I would say that we would [be working on something new very soon]!" she said. "I think we're going to work on a kick-ass feature together that we've been thinking about for a few years."

Dushku also admited that she might star in the next Ghostbusters flick, because her longtime friend Dan Aykroyd, who's been talking up the project for a while, wants her on board.

"I don't know anything, I don't have a script—it's still a rumor thing right now. ... But I would be excited to do it! Dan is a friend since I was young, and I love [original star Sigourney Weaver] and would love to zip on a proton pack!"

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