Joss Whedon: Who will return, and who might not, to the Dollhouse

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Dollhouse creator Joss Whedon told that he is two weeks into breaking stories for the Fox sci-fi series' second season, having wrapped his top-secret horror film The Cabin in the Woods on May 29.

With one season under their belt, Whedon and his writers "understand what works, and what didn't work so well, or what we weren't so thrilled about," he told the site. "We don't have the onus of trying to be a big hit sitting on our shoulders. We can just be ourselves. And so the stories we're breaking are pure, and exciting, and everybody's on board in the room, and it's never flowed better."

Whedon added that season two will pick up not with the Alpha storyline, but a little bit later. (Alan Tudyk, who has scored a role on ABC's midseason series V, may not be available right away, but Whedon hopes he'll be able to use the character at some point.) "Alpha will always be a part of the equation," he said.

Whedon added that he's also hoping to work out time-sharing with the producers of ABC's Happy Town, which nabbed Amy Acker, aka Dr. Saunders/Whiskey.

What about Summer Glau, Whedon's former Firefly/Serenity co-star, who is now free from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles? "We're still breaking the episodes," Whedon says, "but we didn't honestly go into the season going, 'Now, how can we figure out how to service Summer?' when we already have a huge ensemble. I adore Summer, and she's phenomenal, but I have to service the cast I have first. If something comes up that's good enough, my God, I'd hound her. But the rumors of her becoming a big part of the show are greatly exaggerated."

Dollhouse returns in the fall.