The journey of the The Stand to the big screen just took another wild turn

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Jun 5, 2015, 6:15 PM EDT

Would The Stand work better as a movie or a TV event? Well ... how about both?

That's apparently the path that the long-developing remake of Stephen King's classic novel is taking now, according to The Wrap

Sources close to the project say that a deal is being worked among Warner Bros. Pictures, CBS Films and Showtime to make The Stand as an eight-part miniseries -- which will lead to a feature film that brings the story to a grand finale.

Josh Boone is still on board to write and direct the saga, which he has mulled doing as both a single three-hour movie and a series of four feature films. Shooting is tentatively slated to begin early next year, and the whole thing -- the miniseries and the climactic movie -- will be shot at the same time. The expanded scope will give Boone a chance to stay extremely faithful to King's 800-page-plus novel.

If this sounds vaguely familiar, that's because Ron Howard's proposed adaptation of King's The Dark Tower -- which is showing some signs of life after being left for dead -- went for a similarly ambitious format at one stage, with three feature films bridged by two limited TV series.

The producers, Boone, King and studio execs are reportedly going to meet next week to finalize the plan, and talent agents have been put on the alert as well. Boone is apparently going to chase some major stars for the project (we wonder if Matthew McConaughey is still a possibility).

None of the parties involved have made this official yet, but stay tuned for more action to come. In the meantime, let this discussion begin: Where should the miniseries end and the movie begin? The obvious answer, to us, is to send the book's heroes off on their quest to confront the evil Randall Flagg as the series cliffhanger, with that final battle -- the "stand" of the title -- to form the basis of the movie. 

Does that make sense to you? And how do you feel about this new possible direction for The Stand?