July 28 in Sci-Fi History: Oof, Waterworld

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:19 AM EDT (Updated)

On this day in 1995, Waterworld was released unto the, uh, world. And it was a thing. Kevin Costner's in it. Dennis Hopper acts all crazy in it.

Climate change had started scaring the bejeezus out of us in the '80s. So a TON of money went into making a movie that had scenes like this:

What the movie DID have going for it is Tina Majorino, who had previously starred in When a Man Loves a Woman and Corrina Corrina and is a legitimately talented actress currently on TNT's Legends.

And they made her be in scenes like this:

Most of the scenes, in fact, are like that.

We're gonna come right out and say this. Waterworld isn't good. It was massively expensive, audiences didn't love it, and critics outright hated it.

So ... who wants to take bets on an impending reboot?

Tomorrow: The Fellowship of the Ring.