July 3 in Sci-Fi History: Double the Time Travel Fun

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Jul 3, 2017, 8:30 AM EDT

It was on this day in 1985 that Back to the Future premiered.

We know everyone went a little nuts over this a couple of years ago during the 30th anniversary, but it bears repeating.

Fourth of July weekend has notoriously been huge for premieres. It’s a family holiday that requires air conditioning, and movie studios aren't dumb about this sort of thing. Legit, if you're looking around at a room full of kids and thinking, "What on Earth do I do with them?", Back to the Future is a great choice.

Prepare them that a lady is gonna fall in love with her son?

But, like, solid choice.

Or … go with Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which also premiered on this day in 1991.

It's important because Linda Hamilton got jacked as Sarah Connor and everyone went nuts about the character. It was like we'd finally gotten a Wonder Woman. She kicked ass, she was smart, and she didn't need anyone to save her. She was a badass all on her own:

Tomorrow: Let us ruin your barbecue with sequels.