July 5 in Sci-Fi History: A Sheep Bikini

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Jul 5, 2017, 8:30 AM EDT

There you are, back at work on a Wednesday after a holiday weekend. It might be sort of a slog, but we're here with a little bit of nonsense to push you along.

Team, today is the birthday of the first animal successfully cloned from the cell of an adult animal: Dolly the sheep.

Born in 1996, her story is not without weirdness and problems. First of all, she was named after Dolly Parton because she was cloned from a mammary gland cell. She died a few years later of a pretty common sheep disease, and is now stuffed in the National Museum of Scotland. For more on that, here's the Grey Lady.

Also on this day in 1946, the bikini was invented in France. That checks out, yes? High fashion in the height of summer. For more on that, here's a pretty good roundup from HowStuffWorks:

And also a clip from a movie someone greenlit called Dr. Goldfoot and His Electric Bikini Machine:

Tomorrow: Janet Leigh and Sylvester Stallone. Together at last.