Jumanji 2 vs. Star Wars: Episode IX: Who will win a (very likely) box office fight?

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Sep 25, 2019, 12:51 PM EDT (Updated)

It's more than just a speculative party game question: Who would win if Jumanji fought Star Wars? It's very likely to happen. That's because Jumanji is on an unlikely path of world domination and it's first order of new business (get it? First Order?) may be to pull Star Wars from its perch. (And who wouldn't love to see how The Rock would handle Kylo Ren force projecting at him at all hours of the day?)

Sony chief Tom Rothman has just revealed to the Wall Street Journal that the sequel to 2018's Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, itself a reboot of the 1995 family film Jumanji, looks to be opening in theaters leading up to Christmas 2019, which would place it yet again in striking distance of a Star Wars film, this time, Episode IX.

Could Jumanji outperform Star Wars: Episode IX in the biggest upset of "Everything Old Is New Again But We Really Didn't Think Jumanji Could Come Anywhere NEAR the Star Wars franchise, Which Is Practically a Religion"? Could be, considering that no one expected Jumanji, which opened five days after The Last Jedi (and lagged behind it for a bit, as everyone thought it would) to (surprise!) handily overtake it and spend the past three weeks at the top of the box office.

Which, um, it did. In fact, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is the first film to open below the number one slot and go on to gross over $300 million domestic. If that doesn't sound like a great disturbance in the Force, we don't know what does.

While some fans loved it, many Star Wars devotees were alienated by some of director Rian Johnson's less orthodox choices in Episode XIII. Could a return to form by J.J. Abrams save the galaxy from the Jumanji stampede? For now, that answer lays frozen in carbonite, with an expected thaw date around Christmas.

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