June 1 in Sci-Fi History: Total Recall of Morgan Freeman

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Jun 1, 2017, 12:30 PM EDT

Today is Morgan Freeman's 80th birthday.

And if you're into celebrating such glorious sci-fi films such as Oblivion, Lucy, The Dark Knight, Deep Impact, The LEGO Movie, War of the Worlds, Transcendence and, like, every Morgan Freeman sci-fi movie you're about to be mad we didn't name, today's your day.

Also: Man that guy is a great president of the United States in times of crisis.


Morgan Freeman was not, however, in Total Recall. It was on this this day in 1990 that Arnold Schwarzenegger first went to Mars. And there a lot of amazing things happened that shaped the concept of science fiction for an entire generation. Notably:

How to build a better mask. (Two weeks):


In the future, middle managers who are terrible to women ... are named Bob:


Also, problem drinkers are named Harry:


What would happen if you were exposed to Martian atmosphere:


There's also the three-boob thing. Which we couldn't find a good embeddable clip of. But, like, they're everywhere. So, browse at will.

Look, if you haven’t spent much time with the original movie lately, it's absolutely time you did.


Tomorrow: Things that happened in old-timey Massachusetts.